Video Sessions


The use of video conferencing for coaching sessions is commonplace and generally preferred.  There are not any current laws that prohibit the use of virtual, video, or phone conversations while conducting coaching sessions.


The use of video psychotherapy sessions is permissible only if the psychologist holds a license in the state in which the patient resides. In other words, a psychologist may not practice in a state in which the psychologist is not licensed.


I am licensed in Maryland and can conduct video sessions with patients as long as professional guidelines and ethical standards are followed.

The following is current Maryland law, which includes licensed psychologists:

Maryland Insurance Code Ann. § 15-139 —

“Telemedicine” is defined as the delivery of health care services, the use of interactive audio, video, or other telecommunications or electronic technology by a licensed health care provider to the patient who is a different site.

Phone calls, faxes and email messages between the provider and patient are excluded.

Private payers must provide coverage for telehealth services subject to coverage terms and conditions.