Thank you for visiting my website.  I imagine you’re here because you’re curious and you want to explore an issue that’s concerning you.

I've spent a career as an academic and psychotherapist. Whether teaching psychology or business courses, I wanted my students to understand the essence of critical thinking in the decision making process. When seeing patients in psychotherapy or clients during coaching sessions, I "teach" them how to think critically, think rationally, and to use accepted research and data to help solve problems.

If you're thinking that I'm solution-focused, then you're correct. My mantra -  which I hope will become yours - is, "As I think, so shall I be!"

Please understand that psychotherapy and coaching are different, distinct approaches for helping people. With that being said, I help individuals,  couples, and families - and organizations - cope with the challenges of life by introducing critical thinking into the decision-making process.

I encourage you to read further to get a sense as to whether we'll be a good fit either as a psychotherapy patient or a business client.

Thank you for considering making an appointment.